BRAINCELLS (Orchestral Cinematic )
MEMORIES (Piano / Orchestral Drama)
PRELUDE No.4 in E MINOR (Orchestral Epic)
EMPTY SPACES (Orchestral Romantic)
ARABIAN NIGHTS (Orchestral Cinematic)
RATIONS (Orchestral Drama)
TURNING POINT (Orchestral Drama-Thriller)
PRIMAL FORCE (Trailer Electronica)
SNOW IN THE VILLAGE (Orchestral Drama)
A MOST LIKELY STORY (Animation / Quirky)
LAMENT (Orchestral Drama)
CRYSTALLITES (Orchestral Documentary)
STORY TIME (Animation / Quirky)
CHINESE PHOENIX (Orchestral Drama)
THE LEGACY (Orchestral Western)
DAVID AND MOTHER (Orchestral Romantic)
A CHANCE ON US (Orchestral / Vocals - feat. Natasha Tyrimos)
OBSIDIAN (Orchestral Cinematic)
THE BRIEFING (Tension Electronica )
DARK MATTER (Thriller Electronica)